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The year is 2017.  A small pub function room hosts the 20th anniversary of the GoldenEye World Championships.

The event is on its last legs, all but forgotten by the world except for the most hardcore of players and none defines that more than GoldenEye's 19x World Champion, Ethan 'The Golden Child' Bellénd. A god on the scene.

Tom Reynolds, a wild card competitor, shocks the world by becoming the new champion, marking Ethan's first ever defeat. Ethan retires soon after... it's the end of an era.


This milestone in gaming was covered in the cult documentary 'Going for Golden Eye', something Glenn and thousands more around the world were fascinated by.

Three years later, Glenn has been inspired by this world of competitive gaming and wants to bring back the GoldenEye World Championships! Restoring it to its former glory via a crowd funding campaign.

Glenn sets out on a mission to track down past competitors, recruit the next generation of players and, most importantly, find the legendary 19-time champion, Ethan Bellénd... who has seemingly vanished from the public eye.


With all this along with the stress of organsing a big-time gaming event and managing the growing ego of the reigning champion Tom, will Glenn manage to achieve his dream and... Bring Back Golden Eye?