Shooting Begins. May 2018 Isle of Skye Scotland.

A skeleton crew of myself, my wife, Callum Crozier & Robert Fentem and actor Daniel Bruce braved the elements to travel up to the Isle of Skye in Scotland to film at the world famous 'Old Man of Stor' famously seen on screen previously in the opening scenes of Ridley Scott's 2012 movie Prometheus. After a 10 hour drive we made it to our Air Bnb which was located just 3 miles from the shooting location, however by road it was a 30 minute drive winding through villages and dodging the occasional highland cattle. We had only 1 full day at the location to shoot factoring in 2 days travel and half a day recce and with Scotlands weather being famously temperamental ie wet, wet or wet it was a very real possibility the weather would be against us. After arriving at the foot of the majestic peak the weather was well and truly against us, we climbed for an hour or so before the rain & wind was too much. I was worried the whole shoot would have to be cancelled at this point. We drove back to the Air Bnb and rested, rehearsed with Daniel and got drunk while trying his costume on.

Alarms buzzed at 4am the next morning, we needed the mountain to ourselves to shoot the scene so we were ready, camera gear packed to climb a mountain at 5am. Turns out we weren't even the first people up and ready to tackle the mountain as a few people were already making there way up. Regardless it was one hell of a tough morning carrying a steady cam, drone and the rest of the gear up. Half way up the path disappears and becomes a sheep path of rocks and loose stone, really quite dangerous. The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect, i remember seeing the sun rise across the ocean and having to stop climbing to take it all in, if anything it was too warm especially with carrying so much equipment. We made it to the top for around 7am and began the process of scouting which areas could be used for each shot, it was very much shoot as you go filmmaking.

The shots came together really quickly which left us with a drone shot to end the scene, with high winds it was quite difficult to say the least. The shot we got and were happy with was the last shot the drone took before we accidentally crashed it into a mountain, so the cut you see in the scene is literally the drone as it crashed.

We enjoyed an amazing packed lunch myself and my wife put together and then set off on our journey back down the mountain, by this time it was around 10am and tourists were now flocking up the mountain. Daniel was still in his costume which is a parody of Luke Skywalkers costume in Star Wars The Force Awakens. Bemused hikers were double taking as a 6 foot 5 permed J

edi with a fluorescent orange bum bag passed them miles from civilisation. I couldn't stop laughing. One scene down, 80 to go. It's worth reminding people that in the 3 days it took to shoot this once scene i had shot the whole of the first movie. We were officially making a real film and taking our time to enjoy the process this time. Cheers! Jim

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