While deep into the edit we felt the ending didn't work so we made the decision to re write it and come up with something a little more fitting. The original ending which i will upload as an alternate was very funny in concept but the execution wasn't quite there and also left Glenns journey a little bitter sweet. We also felt the same about the start of the film, it just wasnt working how we intended and too slow. The first few minutes of a film are key, you have to draw the audience in as quickly as possible and the new intro is perfect. We shot in an awesome gaming bar called Next Level and also actually filmed in my own home turning my home cinema into a 1990's living room. Jessica Jones came in and over a few days dressed my house and did a great job, it even smelt like the 90's thanks to lots of authentic furniture from charity shops. We also did another day in Sheffield on location which was the most fun i think we had during production with another new scene for the ending, i can't say much until the film is out. So i'll come back and update this blog. post.

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