Post Production

Post production began in the summer of 2020, we had a huge delay as we lost our original editor due to a conflicting schedule and then Covid. Lucas Roche came onboard as our editor and has been an absolute dream to work with, his instincts are incredible. Lucas is known for his work with Shane Meadows on iconic UK films like Dead Mans Shoes. With each cut Lucas would catch me out with a slight change to add to the comedy or subtleness of a scene. Lucas & Dan got the film down to a lean 92 minutes after months of work, then Lockdown happened again... Meanwhile in the States Yoshi Vu was working on our animation sequences. Myself & Dan always wanted the backstories of the film animated, show don't tell and all that! I found Yoshi on twitter who is an ex Industrial Lights & Magic 3d artist known for working on Rise of Skywalker, The Walking Dead, Orville and if you are a nerd like me, The Angry Videogame Nerd & Game sack you tube channels which are both awesome.

We took photos of the actors in specific poses and Yoshi rigged them to models based off the exact specifications of the GoldenEye game from 1997. They were so exact that they have been modded into a Rom of GoldenEye by Trevor Leeming and are fully playable in game. Magic!

As the film is about a tournament that is being streamed world wide we had 4 event cameras shoot it for real alongside the main 4k documentary camera. This was to signify when we were seeing a 'live' shot of the broadcast. We brought James Beardsell in to create event graphics to make the broadcast look as real as possible and i think he did an amazing job.

The soundtrack was in all honesty the thing i was most excited for in post production. I have grown up with Grants Kirkhopes music and to have him onboard was and is a dream. I knew he would be good but i was not prepared for the level of excellence he consistently produced. Just an example, Grant created a big rock musical number for the films intro, it had it all, a hook, a riff and a ripping solo. It was so good we decided to make it into a real song. Grant brought Toby Jepson in from Wayward sons and Little Angels to write lyrics and perform alongside members of the 90's band Skunk Anansi and was mastered by Martin Tibbets known for mastering songs for Kylie & The Kaiser Chiefs. Surreal! The song is AC DC meets GoldenEye and is an absolute banger, that again I'll be releasing for free! But theres more, for the matches at the world championships Grant dug into his samples from back in the day and creating incredible music that feels exactly like it did back in the day but new and fresh! Expect to hear music with hints of Grants classic motifs. Honestly it's brilliant. I'll be releasing it all for free with an option to donate to The Samaritans.

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