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Dan Guest originally came on board as a sound recordist during the first couple of scenes of filming of an early version of the script back in 2018. His professionalism from day one was clear and when it came to surface with Jim that Dan was a director and filmmaker in his own right alongside his sound business, the decision to hire him to take over and direct was an easy one. 

Jim & Dan spoke about their shared love of GoldenEye and it was clear they were on the same page from the get go. Dan added his own take to the story and presented a draft of the script that blew us all away.

Dan's first day of filming was with over 100 supporting artists, 30 crew and the full cast. A Hollywood level day of filming. You would never have guessed as Dan breezed through those mega days of filming and moved on to bring the rest of the film to life.

"Working on Bringing Back Golden Eye has been the best filmmaking experience of my career. The freedom I was allowed to see out my vision for the story was a gift to me. Knowing it's all for a great cause is the cherry on top."  Dan