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The team at Bringing Back Golden Eye have chosen to make this feature film in support of

The Samaritans charity.


We're releasing the film for FREE online, but we urge you to help us support such a wonderful cause, by donating to our fundraiser.


This is a non-profit film release, with no monetary gain made by anyone from the release of this film. Instead of buying or renting our film, all we ask is you donate what you can to the fundraiser.

why the samaritans?

Jim Miskell, the writer & producer, chose to make the film in support of The Samaritans as it is a charity very close to his heart.


Jim suffers with a mental health condition called Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD.

BPD is a serious condition with a staggeringly high suicide rate at around 10%.

The Samaritans helped him when he was at his lowest, and wants to help them continue the incredible work they do.

To learn more about BPD


what's the goal?


We aim to raise £5,000! Which will pay for 1000 calls to be answered from people in need and potentially save 1000 lives.

When we hit our £5,000 goal,

Jim will personally match it meaning together we could be donating £10,000 + saving 2000 lives!



We have set up a Just Giving Page for donations