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Starting from his bedroom HQ, kitted out with post-it notes, a whiteboard and bags of enthusiasm,  Glenn goes off on a journey to meet former contestants, find new ones, and search for the missing “Golden Child”. Oh, and raise enough funds to put on the event he hopes to put together! 


As you can imagine it doesn’t all go according to plan for Glenn, but for me it was so much fun to play. He’s trying to keep so many plates spinning all the time. The other characters he meets to chat with and get help from along the way are often unpredictable to say the least, so he’s always trying to keep things under control and stay calm on the surface when deep down the whole ship could be sinking any minute.

Having so many eccentric, bold and different characters to bounce off was so much fun when playing him. And I found the freedom the director Dan Guest gave us to improvise here and there really helpful in keeping this spirit of uncertainty alive along the journey. 

Glenn's passion for GoldenEye stems from creator Jim Miskell and is the platform for the story that Glenn aims to tell. That passion also gave a great platform for those of us on set in the cast and crew to trust we were working on something with a big heart, and to trust we were making it for the right reasons.

I hope the film is a hit of nostalgia and a real ride of fun for everyone who sees it.